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Milk Maker T-Shirt Box


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Product Description

Contains: Milk Maker 100% organic cotton t-shirt, another lactation supporting product, two different galactagogues, and something for baby! *unisex sizing - so, if unsure, size down*

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1.0 4 reviews

Customer Reviews

Sarah M. - 04/22/2020

Disappointed like Victoria W.

So, the tshirt I got. Nothing for baby in box. No reusable breast pads, No massage roller for pumping. Very disappointed that false advertising is being done here.

Tina W. - 04/20/2020

Not what I thought I was getting

Very disappointed in this box. The galactagogues and shirt were the only items listed that were received. The lactation cookie they sent tasted horrible. I ordered the box for the massager more then anything. I feel like they just threw whatever they had extra of into the box and shipped it. Hoping the next box is better or will definitely be canceling my subscription.

Kaitlyn E. - 04/20/2020

Not what I need

I ordered this box because of the massage roller and other items. The only item I got that was claimed to be in the box was the tee shirt. I’m very disappointed. Nothing for baby either. Nothing I needed was in the box.

Victoria W. - 04/20/2020


The only thing that came in the box that was supposed to was the shirt and galactagogues. There was nothing for baby, no reusable breast pads as advertised, and no massage roller for the breasts which were also advertised. I’m very disappointed.

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