Personalize Your #BoobieBox

Hi, Momma! The questions below are completely optional, and will assist us in personalizing your Box to your needs when possible.

What does breastfeeding look like for you?

Are you breastfeeding at the breast, pumping or both?

Do you or your baby have any allergies we need to know about?

Please check all products in your Box, each month, to be on the safe side - we will do what we can to accommodate allergies.

Age of nursling(s)?

What are you currently struggling with - wish you had more information on?

Returning to work? Latch? Shields? Ties? Low supply? Share whatever you would like with us.

How did you hear about us?

If a friend referred you, please share their name, so we can give them credit for the referral!

What gender would you prefer baby items be?

Mom's shirt sizing

In the event that we have t-shirts made for our subscribers, which size would you prefer for yourself?

Shopping for someone else?